Design for your dreams

Everyone has dreams, whether they are big or small. Dream consist of small goals, achieve the small goals step by step and the dream is not far away from you. GoalTracker is an app that helps you to achieve the success by tracking goals in your life.

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Multiple Alarms

Set independent alarm for each goal, the alarm will remind you in time. You will never missing to check in your goal anymore.

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Goal Image

Support settting an image for each of your goals, you can select a picture from the gallery or take a photo using the camera.

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Dynamic Adjustment

If dynamic adjustment is enabled, Goaltracker will calculate the expected progress for a time unit dynamiclly.

Navigation Drawer. Easy access.

The navigation drawer provides you an easy way to access different views in GoalTracker. You can switch from a view to another one by just one click.

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Create Goal Wizard. Step by step.

The new design Create Goal Wizard provides you a sequential way to create or modify your goal step by step. You can create a new goal within five steps!

Goal List. Smart.

The indicator tells you the expected progress; the progress bar shows you the actual progress, three kinds of colors is using to mark the gap between the expected progress and actual progress.

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Goal Detail. Simple but powerful.

Many useful buttons are integrated in the detail view, it supply you a simple but powerful way to access the different features of GoalTracker.

Chart. Promotive.

Visualize a goal's progress via a pie chart, you can view different months statistics data by selecting different months.

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Calendar. Review the past day.

Have you forgotten to check in your goal for the past few days? Don't worry, You can check in the goals via the calendar!

Goaltracker is used by 200,000+ users in the world, see what the other users said

"Good goal tracker tool Easy to use, great for self motivation, features include progress bar and alarm facility and more. It's simple yet worthy. Like it!"

--- chetna upasani

"Simple and functional Really easy and works great. Attend all my needs. Also keeps alerting me to keep tracking my goals. Excellent."

--- Rodrigo Raval

"Wonderful App Literally. I'm very satisfied with this app. It helps me a lot. Thanks!"

--- Sara Jeon